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Pipe Friction Loss Calculation

Friction losses of various pipes are calculated by taking into account the fluid temperature.

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Explanation : The formula used is the Colebrook – White equation for turbulent current (Re> 4000).
\(\frac{1}{\sqrt{f }}=-2\log \left ( \frac{2.51}{Re\sqrt{f}}+\frac{\varepsilon /D}{3.71} \right )\)
The friction loss occurring along the pipe is found from the Darcy-Weisbach equation. \(\small{h_{f}=f\displaystyle\frac{L}{D}\displaystyle\frac{v^{2}}{2g}} \) mSS or \(\small{\Delta P=f\displaystyle\frac{L}{D}\displaystyle\frac{\rho v^{2}}{2} }\) Pa.
Here, \(\small f\) is the dimensionless unit friction coefficient, \(\small D\) is the inner diameter in meters, \(\small Re\) is the dimensionless reynolt number, \(\small \varepsilon\) meters. Roughness is the specific mass of water as \(\small L\) pipe length, velocity as \(v\) m/s, \(\rho\) kg/m3.