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Steam Pipe Calculation

The pressure loss in the steam pipes is calculated. It is necessary to add the local loss of parts in the elbow, tee.

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As the inlet pressure value to calculate, Abs. when units are selected, absolute pressure value, when units such as bar G, mbar G are selected, the upper pressure, that is, the value indicated by the manometer, must be entered.
The formula used is the Colebrook–White equation for turbulent flow (Re>4000). (Formül \ref{eu_Colebrook}) \begin{equation}\label{eu_Colebrook} \frac{1}{\sqrt{f }}=-2\log \left ( \frac{2.51}{Re\sqrt{f}}+\frac{\varepsilon /D}{3.71} \right ) \end{equation}
From the Darcy-Weisbach equation, the friction loss along the pipe is found. \(\small{\Delta P=f\displaystyle\frac{L}{D}\displaystyle\frac{\rho v^{2}}{2} }\) Pa'dır.
Here, \(\small f\) dimensionless friction coefficient, \(\small D\) inner diameter in meters, \(\small Re\) dimensionless reynolt number, \(\small\varepsilon\) roughness in meters, \( \small L\) is pipe length, \(v\) is velocity in m/s, \(\rho\) is specific mass in kg/m3.
Literature : Thermophysical Properties of Fluid Systems, (19/03/2022)